No cost to you

Our machines are free to you

We place our machines in your business and charge customers a minimum $2 to charge their phone!


More money spent

More time to spend money

Avoid having customers leave to charge their phones in their car or at home by offering mobile device charging kiosks!


More marketing

Advertise on our machines

Our machines come with 19" monitors that allow you the option to run advertising or marketing to those charging their phones

"Having this kiosk is huge. It takes up no space, and my customers are able to stay longer and avoid dead cellphones forcing them to go home!"


The Benefits are Endless

Give the patrons of your business reasons to stay longer.

Upstate Charge provides mobile charging stations that allow customers to pay a small fee to charge their phones. As Upstate Charge expands throughout Upstate, New York, patrons are going to be able to get used to looking for places to dine and hang out, as well as charge their phones while they’re at. No longer is a dead or dying phone a deterrent from staying out and spending more money at a place of business.

Upstate Charge is also a great way for business owners with retail space to supplement their income, as we compensate the business owners with fair compensation agreed upon ahead of time.

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